Since 2018 we have invested over $1B in 10 platform companies across two funds. Our portfolio is diversified across a number of life science and pharma services sub-sectors.


Applied StemCell is a leading cell and gene therapy CRO/CDMO, focused on gene edited induced pluripotent stem cell technologies, serving the biotechnology industry and academic researchers.
AutoCruitment provides a path to effective digital marketing presence through a proprietary and targeted, direct-to-patient, online marketing platform that targets, recruits screens and automatically refers new patients for clinical trials or specialty medical procedures.
Azurity is a pharmaceutical dosage forms innovator, providing customized drug formulations that solve unmet patient needs.
Catalyst is a full-service, technology-enabled, oncology-focused CRO with a diversified customer base and global reach.
Clinical Ink is a leading provider of eSource and patient engagement solutions for clinical trials.
COPILOT deploys advanced healthcare technology to drive patient access and brand success.
CoreRx is a CDMO with end-to-end capabilities and specializes in small market molecules and difficult-to-formulate NCEs and 505(b)(2) pathways.
InformedDNA is a leading provider of tech-enabled advisory & benefits management solutions for genetic testing with the largest, most experienced, nationwide full-time staff of independent board-certified genetics specialists.
Lexitas is a full-service ophthalmology CRO supporting biopharma and medical device clinical trials principally in the United States.
Pro-ficiency provides tech-enabled, simulation-based training and compliance solutions for clinical trials.
Spectra is a vertically integrated drug delivery and procedural solutions company with best-in-class quality and global capabilities.
Univo is a purpose-built Independent Review Board (“IRB”) that caters to biotechs and small pharma and provides strong customer service, operational flexibility, and quick turnaround time.